Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dilbert Creator Polls Economists.

Dilbert Creator Scott Adams paid for a survey company to conduct a survey of 500 Economist Members of the American Economic Association to see who they thought would be better for the Economy McCain or Obama.

When asked which candidate for President would be best for the economy in the long run, not surprisingly, 88% of Democratic economists think Obama would be best, while 80% of Republican economists pick McCain. Independent economists, who in this sample are largely from the academic world, lean toward Obama by 46% compared to 39% for McCain. Overall, 59% of the economists say Obama would be best for the economy long term, with 31% picking McCain, and 8% saying there would be no difference.
Interesting survey if you ask me. Check it out. And be sure to check out his thoughts on the results here.

Great move Mr. Adams.
[The Scott Adams Blog Via Freakonomics]

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